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Customer Analysis

Companies too often rely on their sales force to gather feedback from customers regarding company or product performance. The Company’s sales force cannot provide consistent, unbiased information from customers. Management, therefore, often prefers a third party expert to get the inside story from customers.

RSR’s expertise in customer analysis includes the following:

  • Survey design
  • Information gathering
  • Analysis of information and recommendations

The most important part of survey design is customer selection. RSR works with the client to assure that a representative sample of customers is chosen. This sample may include those in different market segments and geographic regions as well as a sampling of the client’s customers and key competitors’ customers.

After the information is gathered, we analyze the findings by comparing and contrasting the information across each of the key customer segments. Based on these findings we recommend actions the client can take to improve its business.

Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding market share with each customer or in specific market segments.
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses with each customer and/or in specific market segments.
  • Gaining insights into ways to improve business.

Key Components

  • Application for the product
  • Key purchase decision factors
  • Supplier mix
  • Annual expenditures
  • Purchasing channels
  • Supplier evaluations relative to product, service, and price
  • Future business opportunities
  • Customer segmentation
  • Unmet needs

Relevant Case Studies

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