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Competitive Benchmarking

Understanding competitors and the competitive environment is essential to making informed decisions. RSR’s expertise centers on knowing the key competitors in a Business Cluster. It is at the Business Cluster level that the key forces of competition exist and need to be analyzed. RSR has developed frameworks for assessing and analyzing a competitor’s current position and plans.

RSR has years of experience researching large and small competitors as well as private companies and divisions of publicly held companies. In our studies, we contact various executives at the competitor organizations to obtain the complete story. We verify the information that the target company provides by contacting other companies in the industry as well as by contacting customers.

Benefits Achieved

  • Compare the performance of key companies in the industry
  • Understand the strategy of major suppliers

Key Components

A typical RSR competitive analysis includes an assessment of the following concerning a company’s current business and growth plans:

  • Sales and sales history
  • Profitability
  • Product mix
  • Markets served
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Management
  • Growth strategies

By analyzing these factors and more, RSR helps clients obtain the comprehensive inside story on the competition. We rely on our analytical frameworks and conversational interviewing approach to yield current, complete, and unbiased information.

Relevant Case Studies

Understanding Competitive Threats

A leading capital equipment supplier was increasingly worried about two international competitors that appeared to be aggressively pursuing the Client’s core market. These companies appeared to be gaining market share by aggressively discounting their products and...

Growth Blitz in the Post Recession Era

Anticipating economic recovery, a leading industrial automation company wanted to seize the opportunity to gain market share. The Client believed that competitors were demoralized from significant layoffs, and therefore, were not aggressively pursuing the market....

Why Was My Competitor More Successful?

A division of a leading, publicly-owned industrial company recently went through a cyclical downturn. Its sales declined over 30% as market demand plummeted. Prices eroded as some competitors began bidding irrationally. Raw material prices spiked, driven by shortages...

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