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Although each study is unique, there are common frameworks that need to be applied. The following is a list of common study applications including the benefits achieved and the key components in the study.

Market Entry Study

Making the right choice as to whether to introduce a new product or enter a new market hinges on obtaining accurate, insightful information. Clients typically struggle to understand new markets because they do not have the knowledge that one gains from years of participating in a market. Read More »

Customer Analysis

Companies too often rely on their sales force to gather feedback from customers regarding company or product performance. The Company’s sales force cannot provide consistent, unbiased information from customers. Management, therefore, often prefers a third party expert to get the inside story from customers. Read More »

Acquisition Analysis

Understanding an acquisition candidate’s market is a critical part of the acquisition due diligence process. To thoroughly understand the market, it is necessary to gather intelligence independently rather than rely solely on information provided by the target company. Therefore, many companies seek third party, unbiased information on the market and the customer base before making a significant acquisition investment. Read More »

Competitor Benchmarking

Understanding competitors and the competitive environment is essential to making informed decisions. RSR’s expertise centers on knowing the key competitors in a Business Cluster. It is at the Business Cluster level that the key forces of competition exist and need to be analyzed. RSR has developed frameworks for assessing and analyzing a competitor’s current position and plans. Read More »

Territory Market Studies

RSR produces territory market studies for manufacturers’ representatives, sales organizations, and other companies whose business is limited by geographic boundaries. Clients typically request territory market studies to quantify the market potential of a new product or a new territory. Read More »

Market Research or Ad Hoc Research

For client needs that don’t fit neatly into one of the above categories, RSR conducts smaller, customized ad hoc research. Typically these are for single-issue, fast turnaround needs. Read More »

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