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A successful energy equipment supplier had directed resources to grow in an adjacent market segment.  After winning a few large project orders, sales growth faltered. The Client feared they may be operating at a competitive disadvantage relative to the market leaders in the adjacent segment.

The Client assembled its sales and marketing team to assess its next move in the market. Internal discussions revealed that management was uncertain why growth had stalled. Some thought there were important product gaps, while others believed the go-to-market strategy needed adjustment.

In light of management’s uncertainty regarding the key success factors in the market, the Client turned to Marketing Solutions (“RSR”) for assistance in gaining a fact-based assessment of the market, particularly competitive positioning, customer needs and buying behavior.

Project Goals and Objectives


Develop a fact-based assessment of the critical success factors for entering a particular market segment

RSR Approach

Market Analysis

  1. Quantify and segment the global market to determine size and share, in total and for key product, geographic and vertical market segments.
  2. Assess five-year market growth rates and key end-use demand drivers and trends.
  3. Understand the critical success factors in the targeted market segment, from the perspective of suppliers and customers.

Customer / Competitor Analysis

  1. Understand buying behavior and identify the relative influence of key members of the supply chain (e.g. end users, system integrators, consultants).
  2. Differentiate customer purchase decision and supplier selection factors by product, geographic and vertical market segment
  3. Understand channel relationships and partners by key geographic region; in particular, the perceived value of systems integrators.


Key Study Findings

  1. Found that the Client was relatively strong in one particular product segment, but they were not participating in other important product segments.
  2. Determined that buying behavior was distinctly different in the Client’s domestic market, and that buyers in most other world regions preferred to purchase through different channels.
  3. Identified specific market segments and applications the Client was best suited to serve.

RSR Recommendations

  1. Develop plan to partner with other companies in order to offer a more complete customer solution in the targeted market.
  2. Implement a staged geographic expansion, matched with the regionally-appropriate go-to-market strategy.
  3. Prioritize business development initiatives based on quantified potential market share gain


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