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As part of its annual strategic review, a new executive management team started to question the effectiveness of the company’s brand. What did the company’s brand evoke to customers? Were customer’s brand perceptions properly aligned with the company’s strategic goals? Was there confusion between the company’s brands that needed to be addressed?

The Client’s management team had recently undertaken a brand assessment and determined there were some positioning issues that could be improved. However, this review relied heavily on input from a few key customers and channel partners. The Company decided it needed to go deeper. As such, the Company decided to undertake a thorough assessment of its brand health among a variety of customers to determine how best to reposition its brand. Some of the key questions that were asked were,

  • What are the perceived benefits from the Company’s products/services versus the
  • What is the essence of the Company’s brand? Is the essence consistent among
    vertical segments?
  • Are customers willing to pay a premium for the Company’s products/brand?
  • How loyal are customers to the Company?

To better understand the Client’ brand health, the Client turned to RSR Marketing Solutions (“RSR”) for assistance in gaining a fact-based assessment among a cross section of customers.

Overview of RSR Engagement

Assess the health of the Company’s brand in its key market segments.

Desired Results

    1. Evaluate potential changes in the company’s brand strategy
    2. Identify potential challenges that the Client must address to pursue its strategic alignment goals.
    3. Assess customer awareness and perceptions of the company’s brand relative to the competition.
    4. Assess changes in customer loyalty and brand equity among current and potential customers.
    5. Evaluate potential changes in the company’s brand strategy.


  1. Recommended the Client completely change its brand to reflect the solutions focus of the company.
  2. Suggested brand consolidation among many key divisions as part of the company’s long term strategy to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. A unified brand would also help assure a consistent brand message.
  3. Recommended key vertical segments to pursue with the company’s new brand strategy.


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