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Case Studies

A common theme in each RSR project is the need to “dive deep” into the market, the competition, and the customer base. The following case studies are presented as examples of how we assessed a client’s complex situation and tailored a solution to meet the client’s needs.

Developing An International Marketing Strategy

A leading instrumentation company was forced to evaluate its marketing strategy in the rapidly consolidating market it serves. The Company’s strategy had been to be a leading full line integrator exploiting cost advantages and strong customer relationships. Its...

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From Component Supply To System Integration

A leading controls manufacturer was at a strategic crossroads, as its top customer had recently changed its procurement strategy, opting to purchase more integrated systems and fewer individual components. The Client was concerned that other customers may also be...

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Taking New Products To New Markets

A software company was interested in broadening its product offering up the supply chain. The Client believed the new product should be marketed to different types of customers as well as other decision makers within a customer organization. As such, the software...

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Assessing Market Potential

A leading aerospace equipment and system supplier is trying to increase the control content it manufactures on commercial aircraft. One option for achieving this is to develop a critical aircraft control product line that it currently sources from another supplier....

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Customer Intelligence and Consultative Selling

A leading industrial automation company was seeking to grow its business by offering a suite of services to existing clients and to penetrate competitive strong hold accounts with new services. The Client was already a leading product supplier to the process industry,...

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A Marketing Plan For New Technology

An electronic instrumentation manufacturer had developed a new measurement technology, but was not realizing its revenue goals with the new product. The company already manufactured similar products using older technologies, and was uncertain how to transition to the...

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