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Case Studies

A common theme in each RSR project is the need to “dive deep” into the market, the competition, and the customer base. The following case studies are presented as examples of how we assessed a client’s complex situation and tailored a solution to meet the client’s needs.

Re-Starting a New Product Launch in a Changed Marketplace

A leading industrial automation company had postponed a new product launch due to deteriorating global economic conditions. Internal budgets had been slashed, and customers were unlikely to approve spending for the proposed new product, so the launch was postponed. As...

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Re-investing In Product Development

After spending most of its time and resources, restructuring the company to weather the financial downturn, a leading industrial automation company decided to revisit its five year growth plan. In the plan there were a number of assumptions regarding market trends,...

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Pursuing Alternative Energy Segments

A leading industrial equipment manufacturer is trying to expand its footprint into alternative energy to include CNG, biofuels, solar, wind, and related areas. In doing so the Client assembled a team from its key divisions to assess the market potential in each of the...

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Customer-Driven New Product Development

A leading process control manufacturer was concerned that it was losing market share, and its products were becoming outdated. Executives met internally to discuss potential product development ideas. They put together a wish list of potential product enhancements...

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Defending Your Position in an Emerging Market

A leading process control manufacturer had established a dominant position in the alternative energy market. Approximately 70% of its products were sold in developing countries, such as India, Pakistan, Brazil, etc. With the rapidly growing and evolving market, the...

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How Best To Integrate An Acquisition

A leading process controls manufacturer recently acquired a diverse, multi-product instrumentation company. The acquired company’s portfolio included a product based on a technology that competed against one of the Client’s existing product lines. The Client was...

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Hearing What Customers Are Telling Us

A leading, industrial controls company was struggling to grow its sales in certain regions and market segments. At first, they assumed they were in a low point of an economic cycle and tried to wait it out. Later, however, it became apparent that competitors’ sales...

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Why Was My Competitor More Successful?

A division of a leading, publicly-owned industrial company recently went through a cyclical downturn. Its sales declined over 30% as market demand plummeted. Prices eroded as some competitors began bidding irrationally. Raw material prices spiked, driven by shortages...

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Why Did The New Product Flop?

A leading instrumentation company recently introduced a product that was very poorly received in the market. The client believed the product would be very successful based on feedback from the field that indicated that customers were not getting the product as...

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