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Case Studies

A common theme in each RSR project is the need to “dive deep” into the market, the competition, and the customer base. The following case studies are presented as examples of how we assessed a client’s complex situation and tailored a solution to meet the client’s needs.

Expanding into a Fast Growing Regional Market

An instrumentation supplier was evaluating the best means to enter the fast growing US oil and gas shale market. There are many potential areas to pursue, and the Client needed to choose the best plays to enter and the appropriate entry strategy. Some of the Client’s...

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Evaluating the Market Opportunity for a New Product

An instrumentation supplier was evaluating whether to develop a related measurement product for an emerging application. The Client believed the new product could spur growth given the growing global demand for measurement in the new application. However,...

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Understanding Competitive Threats

A leading capital equipment supplier was increasingly worried about two international competitors that appeared to be aggressively pursuing the Client’s core market. These companies appeared to be gaining market share by aggressively discounting their products and...

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Penetrating an Adjacent Market

A successful energy equipment supplier had directed resources to grow in an adjacent market segment.  After winning a few large project orders, sales growth faltered. The Client feared they may be operating at a competitive disadvantage relative to the market leaders...

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Determining Synergies from an Acquisition

An industrial equipment supplier was evaluating the merits of making an acquisition. The acquisition candidate of interest manufactured complementary products to the Client’s and marketed them to a strategic, underserved market segment. The acquisition price, however,...

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Assessing the Critical Success Factors for Market Entry

A leading industrial products company was considering entry into an adjacent market for its current technology. The company had not previously sold into this adjacent market because the product requirements appeared to be different. Upon further review, however, the...

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Identifying Channel Performance Deficiencies

A leading industrial products company speculated that some of its channel partners may be under-performing. The company believed it had a well-respected brand based on product breadth and technology leadership. However, the company’s sales and growth in several...

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New Market Penetration

Shortly after consummating a highly coveted acquisition, an industrial controls company was assessing how to grow the newly acquired products. The Client believed it could use its well-developed channel to grow the business in selected strategic country markets;...

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Growth Blitz in the Post Recession Era

Anticipating economic recovery, a leading industrial automation company wanted to seize the opportunity to gain market share. The Client believed that competitors were demoralized from significant layoffs, and therefore, were not aggressively pursuing the market....

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