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Case Studies

A common theme in each RSR project is the need to “dive deep” into the market, the competition, and the customer base. The following case studies are presented as examples of how we assessed a client’s complex situation and tailored a solution to meet the client’s needs.

Post-Merger Market Development

With the economy growing more rapidly, merger activity has accelerated.  Many companies appear to be bolder in their acquisition strategies by acquiring larger, more diverse companies.  Once the high priced acquisition is consummated,...

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How Much Does a Market Study Cost?

We are often asked, “How much would it cost for us to get a study of the XYZ market?” A quick answer is that an RSR market study may range from as little as $10,000 to as much as $100,000 or more.   To narrow this range requires a detailed discussion of what the...

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Analyzing Customer Business Drivers to Sell Solutions

Nobody sells products or components anymore. These days, everybody says they sell “solutions.” Stockbrokers, for example, now tell you they are in the business of helping their customers achieve their personal financial goals. Brokers no longer just sell you stocks or...

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Is the Market Large Enough to Pursue?

A Client’s sales management team was exploring options to manufacture or private label the manufacture and marketing of a particular industrial instrument. This instrument is a core part of the Client’s offering but was never considered to be a good fit with the...

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Is the Company’s Brand Aligned with Its Strategic Goals?

As part of its annual strategic review, a new executive management team started to question the effectiveness of the company’s brand. What did the company’s brand evoke to customers? Were customer’s brand perceptions properly aligned with the company’s strategic...

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Re-prioritizing Which Vertical Markets to Pursue

With deteriorating demand in certain high-volume, vertical market segments, an industrial equipment supplier was concerned about its growth prospects. Management believed that revenues were too concentrated in a few sectors, and that overexposure to declining segments...

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Making the Right Acquisitions

An industrial component supplier sought to take advantage of the market turmoil and acquire a struggling competitor in a related segment. After meeting internally to discuss the attractiveness of the segments and the companies, it became apparent that there were...

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Investigating Opportunities in New Market Segments

An industrial equipment supplier recently reorganized to align itself with specific market segments. Two segments of potential interest were largely unfamiliar to the Client. Thus, the Client was unsure how to approach these two new vertical markets. In the past...

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Determining Synergies from Acquisition

An industrial equipment supplier was evaluating the merits of making an acquisition. The acquisition candidate of interest manufactured complementary products to the Client’s and marketed them to a strategic, underserved market segment. The acquisition price, however,...

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Evaluating the Addition of a Substitute Product

An industrial equipment supplier was concerned that one of its core products was being threatened by a potential substitute that served the same markets but utilized different design. Many of the client’s largest customers were using both the client’s product and the...

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