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A leading industrial equipment manufacturer is trying to expand its footprint into alternative energy to include CNG, biofuels, solar, wind, and related areas. In doing so the Client assembled a team from its key divisions to assess the market potential in each of the key industries for its products.

The team first sought to analyze the market for its products using internal sources. However, these markets were developing and changing fast. As such, the Client contacted RSR Marketing Solutions to obtain a current assessment of the market potential for the Client’s products in each alternative energy segment.

Project Objective

  1. Identify attractive and accessible alternative energy segments.
  2. Align strategic resources to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

RSR Approach

Market Analysis
  1. Quantify and segment alternative energy markets by geography and value added component.
  2. Assess 3-yar energy growth rates and drivers to determine the market potential for each alternative energy segment.
  3. Assess profitability levels and drivers.
Customer / Competitor Analysis
  1. Assess current product needs, purchases, and buying behavior.
  2. Project future needs and buying behavior.
  3. Identify the major threats and barriers to success.
Client Opportunity Analysis
  1. Quantify revenue and profit scenarios for major alternative energy segments.
  2. rioritize the most attractive and accessible segments.
  3. Develop entry / growth strategies for targeted segments.


  1. The Client secured 20% growth in alternative segments one year after project completion.
  2. Profitability doubled due to product acceptance and increased volume.
  1. The Client refined its strategy to become a value added partner to the industry.
  2. The Client gained a specification advantage over the competition by aggressively influencing global standards.


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