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Decisions with confidence

Market insights that inform
strategic decisions —
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The team at RSR can help you to—

  • Understand the market and competitive landscape so you can move into the right markets successfully;
  • Understand complex and often unfamiliar market environments so you can make acquisition decisions with confidence;
  • Understand limiting factors and new opportunities so you can address underserved markets or unmet customer needs.

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Any intern can do a survey.

But a survey provides data that may or may not be useful or even accurate. How can you make a sound business decision if you are questioning the validity of the facts at hand?

Making business decisions without the benefit of targeted and thoughtful research feels like flying blind. Staring at pages of data without insights can feel overwhelming. What if you were to interpret the data incorrectly? You don’t need an 80 million dollar mistake this year.

At RSR we provide valuable insights gleaned from highly-targeted market research. Imagine making your next big business move with the confidence you need— the confidence to act quickly and decisively.

Why work with RSR?

  1. Interactive — Our process is highly interactive, and we fine tune our research by incorporating your insights, to make sure that our research is relevant to your challenge at hand.
  2. Specialized — We have decades of experience in industrial markets, conducting studies for acquisition analysis, competitive analysis, market development, new product development, and territory market analysis needs.
  3. Customized — We develop rigorous models that fit your unique situation and challenge. We do not sell standard off-the-shelf studies at RSR.
  4. Experienced — When you hire RSR, you get the “A” team. There are no junior researchers here. We don’t just deliver the raw data, we tell you what our data means in the context of the decision at hand.
  5. Fresh eyes — We ask the questions that you wouldn’t even think of asking to get to the heart of the market research you need so you can act quickly and decisively.
  6. Timely Results — Our studies can be delivered within weeks of our initial contact with you, often before the big consulting firms can even begin your project. Because our study is conducted just for you, our insights and recommendations are always fresh and up-to-date.
  7. Optimal Value — Our highly skilled and experienced consultants produce studies that are far more valuable than a typical survey or syndicated study, but for a much lower investment than a large consulting firm with high overhead could offer. .

The RSR Methodology

If you need in-depth market and competitive analysis to support your business planning and development needs, we offer a proven process, which includes the following steps:


Even before we formally engage in a project with you, we will get crystal clear on the results you are seeking, all towards the objective of increasing your company’s revenue, market share and profitability.

Field Research

Our projects rely heavily on primary research and interviewing to obtain real time, accurate information. RSR’s interviewers utilize a combination of industry knowledge and years of executive interviewing experience to probe for insight, not merely information.

Interim Reporting

Once most of our data has been gathered, we meet to ensure that your study is meeting the objectives we set, to make any necessary adjustments or corrections prior to finishing the study.

Develop Recommendations

Once all the facts have been assembled, we will schedule meetings with you to develop a plan of action. Our recommendations become the basis for your action plans.

The end result is a rigorous, quantitative analysis of your business challenge at hand, along with critical qualitative insights that provide you with the necessary knowledge you need to present your case internally and make the right decision for your organization. In one to three months you will gain a deeper understanding of the market factors that are relevant to your business planning or decision point.

Case Studies

Is the Market Large Enough to Pursue?

A Client’s sales management team was exploring options to manufacture or private label the manufacture and marketing of a particular industrial instrument. This instrument is a core part of the Client’s offering but was never considered to be a good fit with the...

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Making the Right Acquisitions

An industrial component supplier sought to take advantage of the market turmoil and acquire a struggling competitor in a related segment. After meeting internally to discuss the attractiveness of the segments and the companies, it became apparent that there were...

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Assessing the Critical Success Factors for Market Entry

A leading industrial products company was considering entry into an adjacent market for its current technology. The company had not previously sold into this adjacent market because the product requirements appeared to be different. Upon further review, however, the...

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Post-Merger Market Development

With the economy growing more rapidly, merger activity has accelerated.  Many companies appear to be bolder in their acquisition strategies by acquiring larger, more diverse companies.  Once the high priced acquisition is consummated,...

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From the Inbox

“RSR leveraged their deep industrial experience to provide valuable insights into the competitive dynamics of the market, a critical component to our investment evaluation process.”
Kevin Klebe, Harbour Group

“RSR provided valuable insights and detailed information that helped us understand a complex business situation, enabling us to refine our strategy.”
Ken Biele, President of JWC Engineering

“RSR has provided us with over ten years of Market and Business Development studies that are insightful, candid, and timely for a reasonable cost.”
Manager of Market Research, Victaulic Company- Easton, PA

“We hire RSR when we need to learn more about a market. Mainly for customer- and product-driven research. We always get a deeper insight into our areas of interest and this has helped us invest (or not) our resources wisely. We like working with RSR because they are easy to work with, cost effective, a have very good understanding of our needs and the market in which we have interest.”
President, Equipment Controls